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This page is a mixture of embedded cookbooks and links to images on other sites. The other sites have either their own viewer or display books in PDF format, neither which could be embedded here. For books in the Michigan State University (MSU) collection, Feeding America: The American Cookbook Project, the MSU site gives option of their viewer or viewing in PDF. If your browser supports viewing PDF files, PDF seems better of the two to read online.

1877 Gazebo

All books are in public domain and most can be downloaded in pdf format to your computer. After clicking on an embedded title below, where the viewer opens in new window, you can click on book's hyperlinked title on the embedded frame and access the site for more book details and download option. Other sites' books can be viewed/downloaded by following book title link to their site.

Note: Many of these Home Economics/Housekeeping, Home Canning/Preserving, and Home Gardening books overlap by sharing the same three subjects in their volume, and even being cookbooks. Due to this, some titles are also listed in the cookbook year categories and have duplicate links below if more than one of the three Home and Garden categories is given in its title. Also, nearly all cookbooks prior to 1850s included subjects of Housekeeping, Canning, curing meats, and even (though now questionable) medical advice.

For more information on Home Economics, see Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition, and History (HEARTH). This site, through Cornell University, pays tribute to Home Economics classes, a multi-generational program phased out not long after my leaving public school.

1755 Half Motif

Home Economics/Housekeeping

Home Canning/Preserving

5 Jars of Preserves From 1917

Home Gardening

1840 Flower Basket