Ethnic Cookbooks

Ethnic Cookery

This page is a mixture of embedded cookbooks and links to images on other sites. The other sites have either their own viewer or display books in PDF format, neither which could be embedded here. For books in the Michigan State University (MSU) collection, Feeding America: The American Cookbook Project, the MSU site gives option of their viewer or viewing in PDF. If your browser supports viewing PDF files, PDF seems better of the two to read online.

All books are in public domain and most can be downloaded in pdf format to your computer. After clicking on an embedded title below, where the viewer opens in new window, you can click on book's hyperlinked title on the embedded frame and access the site for more book details and download option. Other sites' books can be viewed/downloaded by following book title link to their site.

Note: Many general cookbooks, on the year-ranges pages, may include some ethnic receipts, too. The books below are those specifically ethnic, i.e. with ethnicity mentioned in their title.

1755 Half Motif

French Cuisine

German Cuisine

Berlin, Germany in 1660

Italian Cuisine

Venice 1829 engraving: "Bridge of Sighs" drawn by Saml Prout, engraved by Robt Wallis

Asian Cuisine

Chopsticks and Bowl

Swedish Cuisine

Creole Cuisine

Southern [US] Cuisine

Mexican/Spanish/Southwest [US] Cuisine

International Cuisine

Table Setting