With A Saucepan Over The Sea; Quaint And Delicious Recipes From The Kitchens Of Foreign Countries (1902) by Adelaide Keen. GoogleBooks' PDF format has illustrations, which their online viewer does not include. (Archive.org's reader, below, uses direct feed from GoogleBooks' online viewer images, thus having no images for this title, either.) I felt the illustrations were a great asset to this book. Due to GoogleBooks only giving download option for their PDF version, there was no direct link for PDF online viewing. Rather than link to GoogleBooks' PDF download, I felt it easier to place a copy of their PDF file on this site, for easier public viewing. (After reading their rules on public-domain materials, I found this was legal to do, as long as I don't charge viewers for access.) Note that PDF page 110 is not scanned right, but in the following image, page 110 is repeated, correctly.